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Owner / Instructor
Dawn Cater - Jazercise Bury, St. Edmunds & Thetford

Describe yourself as an instructor – I tend to pick the more upbeat/dancy songs for my sets and love to work my students hard, I feel I am a good motivator and really like to encourage each person to work to their own ability and feel successful, but always feeling like they are challenging themselves, regardless of their fitness level.

Jazzercise is your time, and I like to make my classes fun and enjoyable, a lot of students worry about getting the moves wrong but I ensure I emphasise, it is not about getting each move perfect as long as you are performing it safely it really is about moving your body, dancing and having fun.

What do your customers say about you as an instructor – My customers say they feel they get a really good workout when they do my class and I am friendly and fun.  They think I am a little bit crazy, as sometimes break out into some freestyle moves.  My flexibility is something that is often mentioned, as I can get myself into some difficult positions.

# of years teaching – I qualified in 2004, so 16 years, but wish I had done it a lot earlier, as dancing has always been a passion of mine.

# of years Jazzercising – 26 years, this is really the only exercise I have stuck with and just love that it is always evolving and kept fresh with the times.

Day Job – Teaching Assistant & Full-time Degree Student studying Early Childhood Studies.  Pilates Instructor.

Kids/Pets: Two Children, Lewis 19, and Megan 17.  3 Dogs, Pippa, (Jug) Kiki (Chihauhau) and Douggie, (Golden Doodle) 1 Cat called Tyler

Other hobbies – I love pilates and just recently trained to become an instructor, it really compliments Jazzercise as it works on strengthening the core and helps with flexibility.  I love all types of dancing, and love music.  I love spending weekends away with my husband, preferably anywhere by the sea and staying in our touring caravan.

What got you into Jazzercise? My brother’s girlfriend, I attended class with her and just totally fell in love, I loved the dancing, how much fun you had, and have never looked back.

Something unique about you/or something people wouldn’t expect: I am a PADI Open Water Diver and love the calmness and the magic of what goes on in the sea.

Favourite Class Format: All the formats are great but my favourite are Dance Mixx due to my passion of dance and now Strength, recently found a real passion for the strength since taking over ownership of Bury St Edmunds.

Regular Classes you teach: I teach Monday evenings at Bury St Edmunds and currently teaching some Wednesday and Saturday mornings.  I also teach Thetford on Thursdays.

Owner / Instructor
Sarah - Jazzercise Bury, St. Edmunds & Thetford

Describe yourself as an instructor:I like to make my students feel welcome, no matter their ability and fitness level. Moves and technique will come in time, and it's my job as an instructor to help them make the most of their workout, but keeping it safe and fun. My students tend to say I'm a bit nuts!

What customers say about you as an instructor: My students say that I make class fun and they say I am friendly and my personality shines through when I am teaching.

# years teaching: 5

# years Jazzercising: 9

Day job: Dermatology Nurse Specialist

Kids: Two sons Dylan aged 16 and callum 14

Pets: Busby Springer spaniel also known as Jazzerdog

Other hobbies:Dog walking, bike riding, reading, pottering in the garden and eating good food. I have just started painting by numbers.

What got you into Jazzercise? my sister initially as new classes started in our area.

Something unique about you/or something people wouldn't expect:I love to meditate and am a strong advocate of mental wellbeing and positive mental health

Favourite class format: Strike and Interval dance mix, but I quite like them all really and the fact we can change formats which helps keep classes fresh.

Regular classes you teach: Bury st Edmund's Monday evenings at St Benedict’s School with Dawn.  Thetford Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Charles Burrell Centre



Describe yourself as an instructor: One of the first things I loved about Jazzercise was that classes were fun and friendly as well as being challenging - when combined with the moves and the music, I always wanted to go back. So that’s how I want my customers to feel and what I focus on as an instructor.

What do your customers say about you as an instructor: Hmm, talkative and perhaps a little crazy? I come from a training and development background (along with the number stuff) so I think they would say that I’m a good motivator. I want my customers to understand the moves, the muscles they are working and what options they have whilst enjoying themselves and not worrying if every move isn’t perfect. That’s my excuse (or a few of them) for talking so much in class!

# of years teaching : 24

# of years Jazzercising: 25ish

Day Job: Accountant by trade. Now wear many hats pub & brewery related.

Kids/Pets:  Two daughters, Daisy and Lola & a Labrador.

Other hobbies: Food, wine, travel, theatre & reading.

What got you into Jazzercise? My love of dancing. I had a ballet background and had struggled to find a class that really combined dance and great music until a friend persuaded me to try Jazzercise.

Something unique about you/or something people wouldn’t expect:  I can speak (some) Italian.

Favourite Class Format: That’s a tricky one, Dance Mixx is fab but I also have a real soft spot for Strength (the first class I taught regularly on qualifying). That was back in the days of cassette tapes and corded mikes – I’m hugely pleased that Jazzercise has continued to evolve over the years and remains so current.

Regular Classes you teach: Mainly Dance Mixx with a sprinkle of Strength at our Bury St Edmunds location on a Wednesday evening.


Describe yourself as an instructorI don’t like to teach the same class twice, so I like to change my sets as often as possible, whilst also keeping in routines we know well as well as some of our truly loved classics from my extensive back catalogue!  This helps you to feel successful and but also brings you fresh material to challenge your bodies and brains, keeping all of us ‘on our toes’!  I consider myself to be great at motivating people to work hard, whether they are doing high or low impact moves and I always try to show options to suit everyone’s needs in class. 

What do your customers say about you as an instructor -  I’m pretty well known for finishing routines ‘on the button’ as well as my frozen washcloths on those really hot days!  I think my customers enjoy some of the tales I tell about my two growing teenage boys as well as the funny and joyful moments I share with them about my day job!  (I’m a primary school teacher!)    More recently, my customers have told me I’m inspirational to be back attending and teaching classes so quickly and strongly following major surgery in December 2019.  I was back attending class as soon as my surgeons and physios let me and I attribute my quick and successful recovery to the strength and fitness I gain by teaching and attending Jazzercise. 

# of years teaching – I qualified as an instructor in 1998 and taught for many different franchises in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.  I took a break from teaching between 2003-2006 and I’ve been back teaching mainly in Bury St Edmunds since March 2006. 

# of years Jazzercising – I started attending classes in 1996 and was soon hooked. 

Day Job -   Primary school teacher. 

Kids/Pets – I’m a mum to two teenage boys and wife to Matthew.  Jazzercise is my ‘me time’ and I’ve known several fellow instructors and students longer than I’ve known by husband! 

Other hobbies – Aside from Jazzercise, I like cycling, running, walking and cooking.  I’m famed for my flapjacks and Balti curry! 

What got you into Jazzercise? I first went to class with my best friend and quickly made lots of other long-term friendships.  I loved the mix of music and the changes it brought about to my fitness levels, strength and body shape.  I quickly decided I wanted to become an instructor and share my love of this program with others. 

Something unique about you/or something people wouldn’t expect I’m a pretty open book really but my customers probably don’t realise that I find it really hard to keep my desk tidy and I find it difficult to throw things away! 

Favourite Class Format: I love all the formats but I’ve especially enjoyed our new specialty format Blast 360.

Regular Classes you teach: I’ve been teaching a double class of Strength followed by Dance Mixx on Thursdays since 2006.  I also cover other nights.  During Lockdown, I’ve continued to teach most Thursdays as well as 1 or 2 other classes in the week.  I’ve loved meeting up (at a distance) with my fellow instructors to team- teach ‘in person’ classes as we begin to open back up.