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Turn off all other devices using your WiFi if at all possible. 

Close all open tabs on your the device your using to watch the stream, i.e computer/phone/tablet

Remember to hit the play button (triangle in the bottom left corner).

Make sure your operating system is up to date on the device you stream from.

iPads/tablets older than 2013 will not work with this streaming platform

Chrome is the best browser to use but if using Safari, it must be at least version 12. Microsoft Explorer won't work, use Microsoft Edge.

Turn your device on Do Not Disturb and/or Airplane Mode.

If there are buffering issues, switch browsers to see which works best (Chrome/Edge/Firefox etc.)

If the feed is freezing after refreshing, try moving the play bar back a little on the bottom of the screen (it follows the play button). You'll have to repeat a small section of the routine, but it should help with the bitrate catch-up.

If you're still having issues, please get in touch!